Ebike kit controller

Our e-bike controller is rated for 24V and a 7A current, and the max current is 15A. There is a low voltage shutoff at 20.5V. Please note that this controller is intended for use with our 250 Series E-Bike Kit. The controller is pre-wired for simple on and off motor operation when it is plugged into the Grip Switch Cable set, which is sold ... We build our kits and bike wheels with love and care here in Seattle and sell direct to you, so you won't see the large retail markup that would be present if you were buying from a third party. That way you're always getting the best deal on your electric bike. Shop Bikes Shop E-Bike Kits Replacement controllers have often been a tricky items to source, with countless options for low voltage cutoffs, hall timing, pedal assist and cruise modes, interlock swiches etc. We’ve done our best to tailor two BLDC controller series with features that make them ideal for DIY ebike builds, including: