How to operate a melco embroidery machine

These features combined with precise engineering allow the machine to reach stitch speeds up to a maximum of 1500spm with tremendous stitch quality. Melco also operate from a standard PC or laptop, meaning there is no on board touchscreen the operator must use for set up, making it very user friendly. Also, power off your Melco embroidery machine(s) at this time. Once you've done that, click Next. 7) The update will be installed: 8) When the update has completed, click Finish: 9) You can now launch your Melco OS or Bravo OS software using the standard desktop icon, then turn the machine on. Search our catalog of Tajima, Barudan, Brother, Toyota, SWF, Prodigi, Mitsubishi, & Melco embroidery machine parts. Or browse our Madeira thread and Marathon threads. Whatever your embroidery needs are from embroidery hoops, backing, needles, fast frames, clauss embroidery scissors, and other professional embroidery supplies we have you covered. Melco EMT-1 embroidery machine- has always been a wonderfully dependable machine! It was part of a much larger embroidery and heat press business that I sold two years ago.but I kept this machine for quilting and personal fun projects. But we are down sizing and I need to sell. Machine embroidery commonly uses polyester, rayon, or metallic embroidery thread, though other thread types are available. 40 wt thread is the most commonly used embroidery thread weight. Bobbin thread is usually either 60 wt or 90 wt. The quality of thread used can greatly affect the number of thread breaks and other embroidery problems.