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MEASUREMENT OF CALCITE ION ACTIVITY PRODUCTS IN SOILS K.J. Reddy, W.L. Lindsay S.M. Workman and J.I. Drever Journal Article 1990 WWRC - 9 0 - 06 In Soil Science Society of America Journal Volume 54 K.J. Reddy Wyoming Water Research Center University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming W.L. Lindsay S.M. Workman Department of Agronomy * Remedial Courses (3/5 credit) ** Non-Gradial Courses (4 Credits) * 1 Compulsory to all students * 2 Students who have Biology in XII std are exempted * 3 Students who have MATH in XII std are exempted AGR 101 Fundamentals of Agronomy and Agricultural Heritage (1+1) 2017043037 SUMA G 93.00 2017043011 MANIBHARATHI D 92.00 2017043027 MADHU PRAKASH P 89.00 2017043031 SANGEETHA S V 89.00 2017043036 SUJITHA E 89.00 BIC 101 Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry (2+1) 2017043037 SUMA G 87.00 2017043031 SANGEETHA S V 86.00 Irrigation Agronomy by Sr Reddy; Introductory Soil Science by D.K. Das; Agronomy Treatise by P.D. Chaudhary; Objective Agronomy by Thavaprakaash N,Velayudham K; Agronomy at a Glance Volume 2. Objective Fundamentals by P.L. Maliwal and S.L.Mundra; Objective Agriculture by S.R Kantwa Sr. No Designation of the Post Criteria and Subject Division Subject % Weight 01 GBOs IQ As per the Advertisement 100% Verbal Reasoning 10% Quantitative 20% Current Affairs 10% Service Quality 10% 10% Fundamentals of Management 05% Financial Management 10% Marketing Management 05% Objective of Microe conomics 05% Fundamentals in Applied Agronomy Oct‐Dec, 2009 Weeds, Diseases Course Description Fundamentals in Applied Agronomy is an introductory crops and soils course designed for the practitioner hoping to build their knowledge and skills in the topics that are most needed for a Certified Crop Adviser.