Cat spay incision healing time

Mar 04, 2017 · Stella And Simba were fixed a few months ago. This is what happened when they came home after their spay and neuter surgeries. Up to day 11. The cats love: P... It depends on what you mean by “lump.” If you mean a large bump, like the size of an almond or bigger, then this is most likely a hernia from the surgery. There are two sets of sutures necessary; one for the abdominal muscles and one for the skin.... Is my cat's spay incision healing properly? She was spayed Wednesday, November 19. She likes to jump around a bit but I try to limit her activity as much as possible, she eats and uses the bathroom and goes back to sleep (assuming its just her recovering from surgery) The surgery time runs shorter and there’s less bleeding, if any. Due to smaller incision(s), recovery generally occurs in half the time compared to post-operative timeframes for an open spay operation. Recovery includes faster wound and skin healing, plus a quicker return to normal activity. Spaying your kitty is a surgical procedure. Your kitten will require some recovery time, usually one to two days. She will naturally feel a bit uncomfortable and sore after the procedure, so your veterinarian may prescribe a safe pain medication.