C++ mfc mdi tutorial

"The Same Game": A Simple Game from Start to Finish, Part 1 of 5 By Ben Marchant Foreword to Same Game. In this five part series, we'll be creating a version of a game called SameGame using the Microsoft Foundation Class library from start to finish. Topcoder is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects businesses with hard-to-find expertise. The Topcoder Community includes more than one million of the world's top designers, developers, data scientists, and algorithmists. Global enterprises and startups alike use Topcoder to accelerate innovation, solve challenging problems, and tap into specialized skills on demand.The MFC extension library that offers Visual C++ developers a complete set of tools for creating Microsoft?style applications similar to Microsoft?Office, Visual Studio?and Windows?Explorer. ... VC++ MFC GDI Tutorial: CDC, FromHandle, CreateDC, DeleteDC ... VC++ MFC Tutorial: GDI,SetMapMode,Coordinate,MM_TEXT,MM_TWIPS,SetWindowOrg ...C# PictureBox Control The Windows Forms PictureBox control is used to display images in bitmap, GIF , icon , or JPEG formats. You can set the Image property to the Image you want to display, either at design time or at run time.