Ffmpeg moov atom not found

I wrote a small program using QT, ffmpeg and libfaad which rebuilds the index and, given a complete video as an example, recreates the moov atom, thus rendering the file playable again. The code runs under linux, but it should not be difficult to port to windows (or mac). The formal is flv and the output is a tcp unicast to the rtmp server. ffmpeg has great documentation, which can be found here. crtmpserver: crtmpserver will use the flvplayback function to feed flowplayer the livestream. Dec 30, 2016 · Since Motion-Project is capable of producing x264 / mp4 video i thought i would not need to transcode videos for playback in a web based event viewer i created. BUT the produced mp4 does not have the moov atom right after ftyp atom: # At... I cannot play the mp4 file, ffmepg reports moov atom not found. I can use the mp4fix to fix this problem. it refers another file that recorded by same camera device and use same configurations.